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How Do I Sell My House Fast In Des Moines

We buy houses in Des Moines and surrounding areas. We offer a better, faster, and easier way to sell. We’re not listing your house, we are the ones actually buying your house. We make selling easy by eliminating the middle man. This will get cash in your pocket much quicker!

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sell my ugly house

We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.

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selling my run down house

We meet with you and, present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.

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Get the cash you need now. You do NOT have to wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

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We buy houses in ANY CONDITION in Iowa. There are no commissions or fees and no obligation whatsoever. Start below by giving us a bit of information about your property or call (515) 305-2803...
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We Buy Houses As-Is

We buy houses in and around Des Moines simply because we love fixing up homes!  We make offers based on the future value of your home.  If you have a home that needs repairs, don’t want a bunch of people walking through your house, or simply want a quick cash offer, then get in touch with us now.

This means you don’t have to worry about extra fees, having to clean the house or make any repairs. Trust me, we have seen it all! Do not hesitate to contact us now!

See What We Can Offer You For Your House…

This is a fairly simple formula we use to calculate how we come up with our maximum cash offer on your house.  First, there are a few number we need to come up with. 

The Formula

Offer = After Repair Value(ARV) – Repairs – Selling Costs – Minimum Profit.

First is ARV (After rehab value).  Since we will be improving the value of the home we first need to determine what it will be worth after all the work is completed.  Lets say a home on your street has a brand new kitchen, bathroom, paint, and sold for $150,000.    Since that house does have a new kitchen, bathroom, and a nice paint job it will sell for more than a house without a new kitchen.  And lets say yours is similar in size and similar features.  Therefore we know we can sell if for $150,000

Here is an example. You can see why one house will sell for more money.

how to sell my house des moines

The second number is rehab costs.  Since we have rehabbed a lot of homes we can come up with what it will cost to update, or make the appropriate fixes to the home.  Lets say it needs a new kitchen, bathroom, paint, and all new flooring.   And for the size of the home it will cost $25,000 when all said and done. 

Now, on to selling costs.  Since using a realtor to sell the home when we are done will get us the highest possible offer, that is what we do.  However there are costs associated with that.  Typically this is around 10%.  So we can figure in $15,000

The last number is profit.  Since we are a business and have to make money to stay in business we have to figure in a profit.  Just like homebuilders we like to make 20%.  So we figure in $30,000.  Now keep in mind we are not doing any home inspections so when we start the rehab process any surprise issues end up taking away from our profit number.  Just because we had to replace the water line to the house for several thousand dollars does not mean we can get more money for the house.  Also we are the contractor. We do this to keep our rehab costs lower, so that we can offer you more.

 Offer = After Repair Value($150,000) – Repairs($25,000) – Selling Costs($15,000) – Minimum Profit($30,000).

Why Not Do The Work Yourself?  Here Are Some Things To Think About. 

  • Do you have time to hire contractors and check on the work every day?
  • Want to live through the mess, dust and contractors in your house every day?
  • Do you know skilled, honest and affordable contractors to do the work?
  • Are you prepared to fire someone for not performing or are stealing from you?
  • Can you pick out the color schemes and finishes that will get you the highest price?
  • Are you confident you will be able to handle surprises of increased costs along the way? 

If you are prepared to handle contractors and stick to a firm budget then you should tackle the project yourself. 

Why Not Sell Through A Realtor On The Market? 

  • Waiting several months to close.
  • Still a fair amount of costs.
  • Strangers in your home and keeping a clean for them
  • Moving pets out for showings
  • Having photos of your home on the internet.
  • Closing on the buyers time frame
  • Possibly moving to temporary living to accommodate their closing date.

If all this is OK, they will get you the highest dollar for your home. 

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